Looking to expand your customer base and grow sales? How about boosting your ecommerce footprint safely and securely? What if you could do all this at no cost to you now or ever?

You can.

Join GEP NEXUS, the rapidly expanding supplier network supported by GEP, the industry's leading global procurement services and software provider, focused exclusively on procurement.

Joining is quick and simple, and with access to GEP's bluechip client base of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies across Europe, Asia and the Americas, the impact on your business could be huge.

Access to Millions of Buyers

GEP Nexus is an online marketplace that brings together millions of buyers and sellers, enabling them to buy and sell what they choose, when they choose and how they choose.

It provides a cloud identity to a multitude of suppliers, enabling them to sell their goods and services, transact with existing customers and be considered for sourcing events conducted across the globe by the largest group of sourcing professionals in the world.

This translates into a composite network platform that ensures that suppliers are able to interact with all their customers, respond to new business requests, negotiate contracts and service purchase orders and invoices.

GEP Nexus, funded by user subscriptions and fees, also serves as a common information repository that can be shared with select customers, eliminating with the need for email, phone or paper followups.

And the best part there is no charge to you, not now nor in the future.

New Channel, No Risk

GEP Nexus goes beyond just enabling the convergence of buyers and sellers and process automation it provides complete visibility into the spend transactions of your employees and enables you to interact with customers through one supplier portal. Besides, you can receive requests for proposals from hundreds of potential customers.

And that's not all you can also prequalify with GEP for thousands of lucrative sourcing opportunities.

  • Sourcing
    • Enhances your ability to respond to requests for proposals, information and quotes
    • Enables you to provide responses to quick quotes
    • Allows you to conduct online realtime bidding
  • Contracting
    • Enables you to negotiate contracts with customers online, reducing time to contract
    • Allows you to redline and sign contracts online
    • Provides you a single place to access contracts online
  • Purchasing
    • Enables you to host catalogs for your goods and services
    • Allows you to receive purchase orders and change orders from customers
    • Facilitates online communication regarding purchase order status, and any changes thereof
    • Provides advance shipping and delivery notifications
  • Invoicing
    • Facilitates POflip and excel upload invoicing
    • Helps you create manual and nonPO invoices
    • Enables you to check the status of invoices
  • Payment
    • Allows you to check the payment status
    • Enables you to participate in dynamic discounting negotiations
    • Provides information about the schedule and payments
  • Information Sharing
    • Enables you to share documents with one, multiple or select customers
    • Allows you to receive documents from customers